Elze and Martynas Workshop

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On the 27/28 of June 2015 we had a 2 day workshop with the wonderful Lindy Hoppers Elze and Martynas! Both Elze Visnevskyte and Martynas Stonys come from Lithuania. In their classes, Elze and Martynas inspire students to look deeper into the Lindy Hop, to find ways to dance in the most comfortable way and have fun with your partner.


We energised ourselves for the workshop with a Friday night Apero Swing with Elze and Martynas!! We danced in the beautiful Kiosk in Place du Parc in Bonnevoie to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Date: June 26
Time: 20.00 – 22.00
Place du Parc

PARTY with The Hop Sh Bam Connection

Our second Saturday Night Party with a Live Band was such a success!! 
Find out more about the band – The Hop Sh Bam Connection

Entrance: 10 euro (free for those who attend the workshop)
Date: June 27
19.30 – 21.00: Beginners Taster
21:00 – 3:00: Party with Live Band
Location: Le Coral
Brasserie Le Coral
15, rue de Strasbourg
L-2561 Luxembourg


The workshop consisted of two days, with these levels.

Saturday: Beginners/intermediate [NO ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS]
You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for 6 months/one year. You take weekly classes and participate in the workshops organized by your scene. You go to social dancing as often as you can. You feel comfortable dancing to slow and mid-tempo songs and you are starting to play with the music and the breaks. You are familiar with the fundamentals, both 8 counts and 6 counts. You can do the swing out from closed and open position, you know figures like Tuck Turn, Texas Tommy, Send out, Circle, Flip Flop. When the music gets too fast, you are able to switch from Lindy Steps to Charleston basic. You are aware of the concept of leading/following and you are working on how to get better at leading with your core and body and how to follow clearly.

Sunday: Advanced
You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for more than one year and have traveled to international workshops where you registered in int/adv levels. You go to social dancing every week and you feel comfortable dancing to fast-tempo songs. Your dancing has a strong connection with the music. You are familiar with 6 counts, 8 counts and maybe 4 counts too. Your swing outs are controlled and fluent and you throw in variations without struggling. You have some Charleston figures in your repertoire. Leading and following is not an issue and you will sometimes take on the other role.

Please take note:
Pay attention to be relevant and realistic in your choice. You’ll end up hurting your experience the most if you overestimate or underestimate your level. Yet it also affects the other people in the class, so be considerate of the your fellow students. In case you are in doubt, choose the level where you feel the most comfortable, as always having fun is the most important thing!


Saturday Lindy Hop: 12.00 – 15.30
Saturday Solo Jazz: 16.00 – 18.30
Sunday: 14.30 – 20.30


  • Saturday all day (Beg/Int Lindy and Solo) – 50 euro per person
  • Saturday Lindy Hop (Beginners/Intermediate) – 30 euro per person
  • Saturday Solo Jazz – 25 euro per person
  • Sunday (Advanced) – 50 euro per person
  • Both days (for advanced dancers) – 100 euro per person


Le Centre Convict
5, Avenue Marie-Therese
L-2132 Luxembourg

Elze and Martynas B&W

ABOUT Elze and Martynas

Martynas Stonys is a leader in the Lithuanian swing dance scene. He combines fun, great teaching, dance technique and helps you enjoy dancing more than ever! Martynas is one of the founders of Hoppers’ Dance Studio, which is famous for producing new Lindy Hop talents and some incredible viral dance videos on the internet. “My one and most important goal of every class I teach is to make sure my students have great time, so they want to come back for the next one. They can’t improve if they don’t come back. I always try to make classes fun, starting with something basic, so less experienced students can catch up, and then adding more advanced movements and variations, so everyone learns something new.” “I always make sure both leaders and followers receive the same amount of attention. Lindy Hop is a dance for two people. It is so much more fun when both partners are dancing, and not just leading or following.”

Elze Visnevskyte comes from Vilnius, Lithuania. She began dancing at the age of 6 and explored a variety of different styles – from old renaissance to traditional folk dances, until she discovered Lindy Hop, or maybe it was Lindy Hop that found her. Later she got into the world of solo jazz too. Elze has also spent a lot of time acting in the theatre, which she brings to her dancing and improvisation. She values creativity, authenticity, musicality and playfulness in dance and passes this energy onto her students. For her Lindy Hop is much more then just leading and following, it’s dancing, trying to connect with your partner while having a great time is what’s important. She is known for her contagious energy and loud laugh.

In their classes, Elze and Martynas inspire students to look deeper into the Lindy Hop, to find ways to dance in the most comfortable way and have fun with your partner.

See a video of Elze dancing with Joris, another Lindy Hopper, here
Watch the Tedx talk Martynas gave with Egle, another Lindy Hopper, here