Fall 2017 Course FAQ

As we understand that things maybe confusing with the changes to classes this semester, we’ve decided to create some carefully prepared frequently asked questions with their responses for you.  Please see below to see if your question is answered among them!

Q: Why this change of concept of levels?

A: Levels don’t really exist.
Attending classes in progressive levels creates a big group who is then “stuck in Level 3 or Intermediate/Advance” because for logistics reason, we can only accommodate 3 groups per week.
This creates frustration, drop-off and very crowded classes! Also, what does Level 3 mean? What does Advanced mean? What does it mean in Luxembourg? Why is it then different from the advanced level in Berlin? Why if I go to an advanced level in Paris don’t really feel we are at the same level? Because classes are based on people and not on level!
At international events and at workshops, we group people based on level because we deal with very large groups of people and people we don’t know, so we need a sort of commonly known system to group people in different classes. But when we are at home, we can get comfortable. Lindy hop is not about levels, it is about sharing and exploring together! It’s about dancing with everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been dancing and regardless of how many moves they know! Lindy hop is THE social dance. It’s the place where love should replace hate (Norma Miller).
So let’s just pick the time and day that are comfortable and 2 people we want to grow together with. Let the teachers deal with the material and didactics – after all, that’s their job 😉

Q: Will the group I select be of a mixed level?

A: See above. 😉 The group will be a mixed group in terms of knowledge and personalities, but it will only take a couple of weeks to get to know each other and grow as a group. Be kind to one another and find your challenges.

Q: I have missed a semester last year but don’t want to start an absolute beginner class. Which group is best for me?

A: Repeating a course is not like repeating a year in school: it doesn’t mean you didn’t do well enough last time. It means having a different rhythm in learning and having a passion for the ground and roots of the dance. Only with solid basics you can move to the next challenge; you cannot build a skyscraper on sand.
If you however feel you are ready to build the next layer, just choose time and day that are comfortable and 2 people we want to grow together with.

Q: How will the selection of my preferred group be made?

A: We will group people based on their time/day choice and taking into account the 2 friends they want to dance with. Once a group is full, we’ll need to move to the second choice.
If you end up being in the group you selected as plan B, please don’t despair! Swing Dance Luxembourg is full of lovely dancers and you will feel welcomed in the class anyway – plus, you’ll get a chance to dance with anyone you want in the social dancing and parties.

If you are extremely unhappy to the point where your triple steps suddenly freeze, get in touch and we’ll work it out.

Q: My partner and me have a different experience level, can we go to the same group?

A: If one of them has never danced before, than the answer is no. In the 3 groups we only include people who have already taken classes. If you both have dancing experience, use this new formula to grow faster together!

Q: How will the teachers manage the different experience level of the students in a group?

A: Teachers always tailor the material to the students. They will prepare what suits the group best and will make sure to give individual challenges to the faster learners and tailored tricks and help to the shy ones. They have the right tools, experience and knowledge to make the classes useful and fun, regardless of where you are in your journey to the perfect swing-out.

Q: When will I know for which group I am selected?

A: We’ll get back to you within maximum 10 days from your registration date.

Q: What will be the class content for the group I selected?

A: This will be decided by the teachers based on their creativity and ideas. They’ll bring to you the joy of the swing dance world with moves, concepts and inspirations that will make this semester a wonderful experience for you!
Do you have specific wishes? Talk to the teachers, they are always ready to hear you out and if they cannot bring that topic to class, they might be available for a private.

Q: If the level of the group is too high / too low can I be transmitted to another group of my choice?

A: We’d like you to give a couple of weeks in your group before deciding if it’s too low or too high. Growing as a group is important and there will be moment where you will be the one leading the growth and moments where you’ll need help. Remember that at the end of the day, we are all beginners.
If you feel your learning is impaired, talk to us and we’ll work on a solution.