Account details

You will receive the account details after registration.

Transferring money

If you transfer money, please clearly state for which course/event and for which participant(s). Thus, please indicate in your transfer


For example, to pay for the April 2013 beginners plus course for one person named Sarkozy, the transfer would be Beginner plus April SARKOZY.
If you’re paying for your partner at the same time, please add two names. Example: if Sarkozy’s wife Bruni is also participating, their joint transfer would read Beginner plus April SARKOZY and BRUNI.

For workshops, please indicate the name of the workshop and your family name, e.g. Catrine workshop MERKEL. As for courses, if paying for two, please indicate so. So if Merkel’s partner is Sauer, the transfer would read Catrine workshop MERKEL and SAUER.