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When:  Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Where:  Art & Sport Hollerich


Come and join us for a new Swing experience!
We are launching our Saturday’s specials and this is what we offer you for the October edition:

  • Back to Basics with Quattropole teachers Fabien  and Cyrielle from Metz, for beginners or those wishing to brush up on their Lindy Hopping skills; ATTENTION! This will be a Swing Both Ways workshop! Everyone will learn both roles, so it will be a lot of fun! No waiting list, no role-constraints. Just a lot of Swing!

  • Super Special, to expand your horizons and gain knowledge about the music we all love so much! This will be an interactive journey in the world of Swing Music with Roumany. The formation and development of Jazz until 1960 will be presented to you in the form of a dialogue between all the participants, Roumany leading the conversation and guiding you through the different steps of this discovery. Where are the roots? How did it come to the U.S.? A music of improvisation? Knowing more about the history and development of this world that we love is a great way to add flavor to our Lindy Hop. No dancing in this session, but a lot of music and inspiration will still be guaranteed.

  • Swing Special: join us for 2 hours of Musicality Class with Nik from Saarbrücken! Come and get a taste of how you can re-invent your dancing by playing and using the music. We will work on the harmonious interplay of the dancer (YOU!), the partner and the music based on a rhythmical understanding. Nik will take you on a journey to the heart and depths of your dancing while enjoying music and rhythms. NO PARTNER NEEDED!

Schedule and Pricing

Day Time Workshop Teachers Price
Saturday, October 14th, 2017 13:00 – 15:00
(10 min break)
Back to Basics – Lindy hop Fabien and Cyrielle 25€
15:10 – 16:40
(no break)
Super special – Swing Talk: interactive journey in the world of Swing Music Roumany 15€
16:50 – 18:50
(10 min break)
Swing Special – join us for 2 hours of a Swing special with an amazing QP-Teacher Nik 25€
19:30 – 22:00 PIZZA and SWING @ Marionnette – Yummy pizzas can be order to satisfy any of your after workshop hunger needs! Free!
5€ reduction if you sign-up for two tracks

 After classes le Marionette is waiting for us with Pizza and Swing Music, so we’ll even have a little party in the evening to let you try out your new moves and close the inspiring day with some good dances!



Cyrielle & Fabien

Cyrielle & Fabien are a french couple from Metz. They’ve cought the Lindy Hop virus 7 years ago in Paris. They spent 2 years in New York where they had the chance to meet some of the greatest american teachers. They have been teaching Lindy Hop at METZ SWING for 2 years and are proud to watch the emergence of a growing community there, co-organising the Quattropole Swing Exchange and throwing various swing workshops, tea dances and parties. They like to focus there teaching on feeling the music, having fun and helping you find the right smooth and confortable connection with your partner.


In the 7th grade I encountered blues and jazz for the first time. Since then, the music has accompanied me every day. I only by chance stumbled upon the still young Lindy hop scene in Saarbrücken. Freedom waved to me and with full enthusiasm I went to every social dance, looked at many ILHC videos and I took all of the few classes that were offered back then. I wanted to get as much Lindy Hop as possible.

For me, Lindy Hop is a place where I can unfold through the music, without limitations. A mysterious place, even, because you simply do not know why there is so much joy. I think it is the perfect mix of music, rhythm and folly! ^^

“If all people were swinging, there would be no war.” (N. Miller)

Lindy hop taught me a lot, including get to know myself and others; it made me develop myself as a person in a way that I thought I could never achieve.

In my opinion, the best message spread by Lindy hop is that everyone can be themselves, without compulsion and judgments. Something that I haven’t seen in any other dance I know, is that in Lindy Hop the sillier you get, the better you swing!!

Niklas Taffner

From his early childhood on, his life has been accompanied by music and dance. At 14 years old he found his love to the swing dances. From then on he spent every free minute on the dance floor of any international swing festival.

On one side, as a young adult he dedicated oneself to build up the swing dance scene “Lindy Hop Saarbrücken”. The scene is known as one of the most authentic and loving scenes.  He’s the co-founder of the cooperation “Quattropole Swing” (Trier, Luxembourg, Metz, and Saarbrücken), organiser of the “Quattropole Swing Exchange” (www.quattropole-swing.com), “Velo-Swing Festival” (www.veloswingfestival.com) and the “Saarbrücken Lindy Explosion” (www.saarbrueckenlindyexplosion.weebly.com)

On the otherside, he found his talent as a choreographer and show dancer. With this he took part of several theatre and film projects. An example is the currently touring theatre piece “Swing heil” or in the multiple awarded modern Opera “De Materie” (Europe premiere: 2014, Ruhrtriennale; North America premiere: 2016, New York).

With his many years of experience and his versatility, you’ll find a lot in his classes.  He focuses on the harmonious interplay of body, mind and spirit based on a rhythmical understanding. For him Lindy Hop is more than a dance. It’s the pure inspiration of the sense of community through love, joy and truth.