Swing Rueda

A new course offered by Swing Dance Luxembourg

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What is Swing Rueda?

Swing Rueda is a fun variation of Lindy Hop that’s danced in a circle, while frequently swapping partners. The leader of the rueda calls the moves, which are mostly regular Lindy Hop moves. Some moves are specific to the swing rueda, such as the amoeba. Here are two examples of a swing rueda:

(Start video at 1:30)

Course details

  • Time: Classes take place on Wednesdays from 21:30 until 22:30. We’ll start on April 27th and the last class is on June 15th, 2016. There will be six classes in total (no class on May 18th and we’re planning one more week off).
  • Location: Altrimenti in Luxembourg City.
  • Course fee: This course is offered to you for free. Why? Because we love to experiment with new swing dances.
  • Class size is restricted to 15 couples only, so make sure to register immediately after the registration opens.
  • Waiting lists can be expected, especially for followers. Registering as a couple will improve your chances.
  • Teachers: Your teachers will be Lydia and Sjouke (your Lindy Hop 1 teachers who have been dancing rueda de casino for centuries).
  • Requirements:
    • You must be able to dance a stable swingout and Texas Tommy on medium to fast music. This means that we will accept registrations only from students that have finished at least our level 2 Lindy Hop course.
    • This is the first issue of this course, so be prepared for a happy chaos.
    • Even though the course is for free, we do need your commitment to attend the whole course.

Dancing and physical fitness

Dancing is a physical activity and the association, teachers and staff assume no liability for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to, personal property. If you have any doubts as to your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating. Enjoy and dance at your own risk.