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Registration closed.
We are very happy to announce a workshop with Bára & Sep from Ghent.

18-19 January 2014 in Luxembourg.

In conjunction with the workshop, there will be a party Saturday evening.


Both party and workshop will be held at:

L’Ecole Privée de Théâtre Luxembourg
595 Rue de Neudorf
L-2020 Luxembourg-Neudorf

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Sep and Bára


Saturday + Sunday (all classes, 8 hours) 70 euros
Only Saturday (3 hrs Lindy Hop, 1 hr Musicality) 40 euros
Only Sunday (3 hrs Lindy Hop, 1 hr Tap dancing) 40 euros
Party (free for workshop participants) 5 euros

If you come from outside Luxembourg we can help you with hosting.

Program outline

The program consists mostly of Lindy Hop classes, accessible for anyone who has followed the beginners course. Don’t worry if you’re more advanced or if you feel like a beginner: the classes will have something for dancers of all levels.
In addition, we have a 1-hr class on musicality on Saturday, and a 1-hr tap dance class on Sunday.
The musicality class will focus on how to move to (and with) the music (this is not a sitting class!).


  • Saturday 18 January: 
13.00 – 17.30 classes
  21.00 – 01.00 party
  • Sunday 19 January:
13.00 – 17.30 classes

Both classes and party will take place in Ecole de Théâtre.

About the teachers

Sep and Bára
Sep and Bára are actively developing their dancing abilities on dance floors around Europe. Their similar view on dancing and common joy of dancing together led to their cooperation. They are involved in a number of projects such as performing groups The Dipsy Doodles and Swingzapoppin where old Jazz dances and Lindy Hop are the main theme. In addition, they teach regular classes at the Crazy Legs Dance school in Ghent.

Bára and Sep share the same passion about dancing which is not exclusively focused on lindy hop. They love to explore new ideas and approaches and are inspired by any kind of performing arts and any kind of music.

Music has a large influence on their dancing style as well as on their approach to teaching. They believe in own expressivity and in using the endless options that music offers. The main focus in their classes is for you to have fun together with your partner.

They are both active social dancers. You can meet them in the jazz bars around Ghent, dancing and enjoying great music. They also travel a lot around Europe to experience the passion for Swingdance, to teach workshops, to attend workshops or join competitions.

Registration FAQ

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  • I heard you rotate dance partners during class?
  • I want to dance exclusively with my partner.
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Dancing and physical fitness

Dancing is a physical activity and the association, teachers and staff assume no liability for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to, personal property. If you have any doubts as to your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating. Enjoy and dance at your own risk.