Courses FAQ

We’ve created some frequently asked questions with their responses for you. Please check below if your question is answered among them!

Q: I am new to Swing dancing. Which course is best suited for me?

A: If you have never danced swing before, we recommend you Beginners Lindy Hop, Leon James beginner solo jazz, or Couple Blues.

Q: Am I a follower or a leader?

A: Traditionally, women danced as followers and men as leaders. However, the distinction of the roles is not gender-based but rather role-based. If you lead, you will “initiate” the moves and if you follow, you will follow them. With experience you will see that this is actually a very reductive definition, as the role of the follower is as proactive as the leader’s.

Q: If I register for a class and realize it is not the class for me, can I change? If I am not satisfied, can I decide to quit and ask for a refund?

A: You can transfer to a different class, but you need to inform the Swing Dance Lux team so they can make the necessary changes and confirm if there is a spot in the class you want to be transferred to. Changes are subject to spots availabilities.

You need to decide within 3 weeks from course start. After the first 3 classes, no changes will be possible. No refund will be given if you choose not to continue attending the classes.

Q: What happens if I miss a week?

A: The course is thought as a package and not as individual “chapters”, so we encourage you to attend as often as possible. Having said this, if you miss a week you can always ask the teacher for some hints or get in touch with your friends and catch up. Your learning will not be impaired. No refund is given for missed classes. It is not possible to substitute one missed class with any other class you have not registered for.

Q: Do I need to register with a partner?

A: We strongly encourage you to register with a partner for the coupled classes, as we need to guarantee an equal number of leaders and followers. We usually accept 2-3 extra followers in each course, depending on the total number of participants.

If you have no partner to register with, we encourage you to register within the first 10 minutes from registrations opening, as that is when all the single followers’ spots are taken.

Q: Is it possible to book a trial class before registering for the full course?

A: We do not offer this possibility. However, we have free taster classes for absolute beginners before social dancing. Keep an eye on our calendar or Facebook page to know when the next one will be!

The taster classes are meant to show you what the dance looks like and what spirit is behind it and its music. The methodology and style of teaching as well as the specific contents or moves is a reflection of the personal preferences and knowledge of the teachers giving the taster and might be different from the ones of the teachers giving the weekly classes.

Q: What should I wear?

A: We recommend anything comfortable, that you can move around in. It can get quite hot when swing dancing, so bringing a towel and clean T-shirt (or more!) to change between classes is always a good idea. It’s also important to keep personal hygiene standards, as well, so deodorant, chewing gum etc., are always handy! For footwear, we recommend flat, non-marking indoor shoes that allow a bit of sliding.