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Which courses should you choose? Please read the descriptions below carefully and choose your favorite.

Solo classes can be combined and build a whole solo track, they can be booked individually or in combination with a couple track or other special topic classes.

This year we introduce one special topic class, included in most of the tracks, about the connection of blues music and dance. Blues musicians and our dance teachers will join forces and explore this connection with you.

Other special topic classes should be booked separately.

Here a summary of our offer


Couple blues classes

´Jamming the Blues´ – Intermediary Track (Green) : This track is for you if you have taken at least 2 semesters of Blues classes and you are familiar with the basic moves, as well as closed and open positions in couple Blues. In this track, our teachers will take time with you to develop your groove, to expand your repertoire of bluesy moves and to explore your connection with your partner. You will feel more comfortable on the dance floor and come closer to fully enjoy the diversity of Blues music and dancing.

Party pass included.

You can give your experience in this track an extra boost by adding one or more Special Topic Solo classes (in Red and Orange) to get your individual style & grooving to a deeper level!!

´Under the spell of blues´ – Advanced Track (Purple): You live the Blues! You know what Blues feels like after at least 4 semesters of Blues classes and you joined some international Blues festivals or workshops in your scene. Now is the time to connect deeper with the different rhythms and styles of Blues music. This track is all about challenging yourself with faster blues rhythms, improvising and working on the techniques. This track will bring your connection and interaction with your partner to the next level!

Party pass included.

You can top up this track also with one or the other Special Topic Solo Classes (in Red or Orange) to dive more deep into the blues!


Saturday – Blues Beginner class (1h15) – with Serpil & Erol: You have had just a few Blues classes or maybe you joined a Blues taster, and you can’t wait to dive deeper into Blues couple dancing? Then join this starter class on Saturday just before going to the party! A thorough introduction into Blues dancing that is not to be missed, and that will open the doors to experience your first blues social dance right after the class! **LIMITED SPOTS!**  No parties or special topic classes included  **


Solo Blues Classes

With these classes we give you the flexibility to build your own track! All classes are carefully designed to find your inner Blues dancer! Are you eager to grow as a dancer by adding more playfulness and confidence to your dancing? Create more meaning into your moves to connect better to the music?

We will develop and enrich your solo Blues vocabulary, work on body movement and play with different textures and tempos; choose your favorite topics! This track welcomes dancers of various levels, each dancer being challenged individually according to your experience.

**Blues music and dance class included for all solo classes !

**Saturday party pass included only for the Choreo Class (2.5hrs).

Buy your party passes separately if you build your track of other solo classes!

Please note that previous dance experience is required; these are not classes for absolute beginners.


You can choose from the following classes:

 “Show time”Choreo Class (2.5 hrs) – If you want to learn an inspiring and spicy blues routine, this is your class. Edmilson has prepared a very special choreo for you, called “Makes you feel….!”

Will you be brave enough to share the routine with all of us during the Saturday party?! This is up to you, but we hope so! 🙂 In any case, it’s all about sharing the joy of individual dancing and creating a wonderful moment of togetherness!

Saturday Party Pass included


“Exploring all about 4 corners” – Take the most out of one of the oldest blues idiom dance ! We will explore and develop the basic points in our body and travel with it. We will work on fluidity and combine it with other moves.


“Groovin & Jukin” –  The foundation and roots of Blues are at the heart of this groovy class! It’s all about feeling and expressing the blues and letting it out! We will work on musicality, technique and style.


Music & Flow” – In this class we will work on the communication between the music and you as a dancer. Flow with your entire body, explore dynamic points and find connection to music through self-expression.


Body Awareness & Impro” – If you want to learn more about creating different movements and some technicality to improve the quality of your movement, this is your class! This class is about enhancing body control/awareness through visualisation !

Note: Party pass for these last four classes are not included, classes are booked individually (discount applied)


Special topic Classes

Friday – Afro-Jazz – with Edmilson: experience the traditional roots of jazz & blues through African rhythms and moves. Together with Edmilson explore the worlds of Jazz and African music through body movement. This class is open to dancers with a minimum of 1 semester of blues dance or solo jazz. This special class should be booked separately **LIMITED SPOTS!**

Saturday – Blues Music and Dance – with BMAD, Agnieszka, Konrad and Edmilson: this is an unique opportunity to exchange with musicians, who will be showing and explaining fundamental blues rhythms in a historical context. So you get a chance to learn more about the music you dance to, so you improve your connection to the music. Of course, in this class you will be dancing too! The workshop is set up as an interactive class- like a call & response between music and dancers! This class is part of some tracks and can be also booked separately.

Sunday – Go Slow! Bluesy Lindy – with Agnieszka & Konrad: You like Lindy Hop (more :)) and are open to play around in the fluid area where  Lindy and Blues couple dances can merge? To explore different ways to express slower bluesy lindy tunes and feel how much fun it is to slow down on the dance floor with your dance partner? Then this is your unique chance! Agnieszka & Konrad have much expertise and love to share their passion for slow dancing  with you. Join this special topic class if you have at least 1 semester of experience in Blues dancing or Lindy hop. This special class should be booked separately **LIMITED SPOTS!**

**Party pass not included, classes are booked individually.**

**These solo classes are open level, however not targeted at absolute beginners.**


Price List




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Locations info

Altrimenti : venue for parties on Friday and Sunday, and classes.

5, avenue Marie-Thérèse L-2132 Luxembourg

Rotondes : venue for saturday party and beginners class

3, place des Rotondes, L-2448 Luxembourg

La Salle (ex. Art & Sport): Solo classes will take place in a dance studio in the city center near the train station. It is easily reachable by tram or by foot.

22, rue de Hollerich, L-1740 Luxembourg

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