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We’re proud to be organising a workshop with the excellent teachers Giedre and Joe!

When: 29-30 November 2014
Where: Centre Culturel Oetrange
  • Level 1 (Saturday): € 40,-
  • Level 2 (Sunday): € 40,-
  • Level 1 + 2 (Sat + Sun): € 70,-

registration fee covers 4hrs of classes per day, refreshments (as available) and access to the party Saturday evening.


Saturday (level 1)
For those who know the Lindy Hop basics.
12.30-13.30 Lindy Hop
13.40-14.40 Lindy Hop
15.00-16.00 Solo Charleston
16.10-17.10 Blues

Evening (20.00 on): party time (with live band!)

Sunday (level 2)
For those who can comfortably dance Lindy Hop at any speed.
12.30-13.30 Super leaders / super followers
13.40-14.40 Lindy Hop
15.00-16.00 Solo Charleston
16.10-17.10 Balboa

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About the teachers

  • Giedre Paplaitytė
    Giedre started dancing Lithuanian traditional dances at the age of five. After taking a bunch of modern dance classes while at school she was constantly looking for the dance that would have a strong community feeling and would keep her learning every day. Giedre says that Lindy Hop found her in 2003 and became her dance for life since the first triple step. When she’s not teaching around the world, one can find Giedre burning the dance floor in one of her homes – may it be Vilnius or even New Orleans. Giedre is known for her spontaneous performances to live music and happy intuitive classes. Sharing the love for jazz dances and teaching as well as performing jazz dances is her biggest passion. In her classes you will learn about the ways to train yourself and understand your body movement. Get ready for a well prepared mix of magic fun and rewarding hard work!
  • Joe Buckett
    Joe Buckett is a dancer/DJ from England. A misspent youth studying martial arts paved the way for a misspent adulthood dancing Lindy, Blues and Balboa. After spending a couple of years teaching Swing in Australia, Joe decided that dancing was more important than a degree so dropped his books and made his way to Europe where he has taught regular classes in London, England and Freiburg, Germany. He has taught, DJ’d and coordinated events all over Europe and is known for his quirky, energetic and informative teaching style. Joe has now fully embraced the nomadic life of a travelling dance teacher.