We are delighted to present you the second edition of 


With Arnas Jasiunas & Kamile Pundziute

When:  1st – 2nd – 3rd of March, 2019

What: Join us for our first big workshop of the year in Luxembourg!

This will be a weekend dedicated to Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz, with Arnas Jasiunas & Kamile Pundziute from Lithuania.


Friday, 1st of March
Brasserie Wenzel 19:00 – 21:00 Special Class: Circular Dancing
21:00 – 23:00 Opening Party with the Duke Box
Saturday, 2nd of March
Art & Sport 10:00 – 11:30 Lindy Hop Orange Track
11:40 – 12:40 Authentic Jazz Orange Track
13:00 – 14:00 Authentic Jazz Purple Track
14:10 – 15:40 Lindy Hop Purple Track
16:00 – 17:00 Authentic Jazz Green Track
17:10 – 18:40 Lindy Hop Green Track
Altrimenti 20:00 – 20:30 Lindy Hop Taster
20:30 – 02:00 Party with Old Fish Jazz Band
Sunday, 3rd of March
 Altrimenti 10:30 – 12:00 Lindy Hop Purple Track
12:10 – 13:10 Authentic Jazz Purple Track
13:30 – 14:30 Authentic Jazz Green Track
14:40 – 16:10 Lindy Hop Green Track
16:30 – 18:00 Lindy Hop Orange Track
20:00 – 20:30 Teacher interview
20:30 – 23:00 Closing Party with the Old Fish Jazz band 



Lux Swings the Spring workshop consists of 3 tracks – each track containing Lindy hop and Authentic Jazz. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried Authentic Jazz before – this is the perfect chance to start, and you will see how beneficial it will be for your Lindy Hop, as well! Please read the track descriptions carefully.

Which Track should you choose?

Orange Track

This IS NOT a beginners’ class. You’ve been taking classes for 1 or 2 semesters, and this is your first or second workshop with international teachers. OR you have joined the swing world some time ago, but now you want to try opposite role (Leader / Follower). You know 8-count and 6-count patterns and you’ve heard of the Swing Out, but you are not so confident in trying it on the social dance floor (yet). 

Purple Track

You’ve been taking classes for over a year and attended a few workshops. You are confident in your 8-count and 6-count patterns and you can do a Swing Out, Tuck Turn and side-by-side Charleston comfortably. You have seen, or maybe tried, some footwork variations (in your Lindy Hop or in Jazz). You know the Shim Sham routine and you actively go to social dancing. You are at ease with slow to mid-tempo songs.

Green Track

Things get more challenging here. You’ve been taking classes for several years now, and you have attended quite a few workshops (local or international). You enjoy going regularly to social dancing and you feel comfortable playing with the music and improvisation! You are able to sing your rhythms and scat. You know a range of jazz steps, at least 2-3 famous routines (Shim Sham, Mama stew, big Apple, Tranky doo, etc) and you can create some variations. You are comfortable dancing to faster songs and ready to speed up the tempo a bit.

Circular Dancing – Friday special class

In this class you will domesticate dancing in closed position and diversify your linear dance vocabulary with circular movement for crowded dance floors and easier connection. You should be comfortable with 8- and 6-count basics to participate in this class. This class is not part of the above mentioned workshop tracks. **LIMITED SPOTS!**



  • Orange Track: 80€ (3 hours of Lindy Hop, 1 hour of Authentic Jazz & 3 parties)
  • Purple Track:  90€ (3 hours of Lindy Hop, 2 hours of Authentic Jazz & 3 parties)
  • Green Track: 90€ (3 hours of Lindy Hop, 2 hours of Authentic Jazz & 3 parties)
  • Special class – Circular Dancing: 25€ (2 hours) **This class is not included in any track and needs to be purchased separately.
  • Party pass: 30€ – Friday, Saturday and Sunday parties. **If you wish to go to a single party of your choice, you can pay in cash at the entrance.



We offer you 3 parties with live music during this workshop! We start the weekend with a Friday night party, with our local band “The Duke Box” at Brasserie Wenzel.

*** This party is included in all workshop passes, or if you participate in the special class. If not, the party entrance is 10€.

Saturday night we bring the band “Old Fish Jazz Band” who are preparing an incredible night for us! Party will start at 20:00 with a Lindy Hop taster for absolute beginners, and then we’ll start dancing at 20:30. Live band, great DJs, AMAZING dancers.

*** This party is included in all workshop passes. If you do not buy a workshop pass, the party entrance is 15€.

Sunday night we will close this great weekend with a cozy acoustic concert with the “Old Fish Jazz Band”, with some last swing-outs and goodbyes.

*** This party is included in all workshop passes. If you do not buy a workshop pass, the party entrance is 10€.

Guidelines for registration

-Click on the ‘+’ button to select a Track, special class on Friday or Party pass for the workshop. The total price will be automatically calculated.

-Fill in your personal details  (NAME, SURNAME and EMAIL)

-When signing up with a partner, please mention their name and email in your registration. Both partners need to make a separate registration, in order to be confirmed to the workshop.



Registrations are now closed. For any questions, please send us an email at info@swingdance.lu.


Your talented teachers are going to be Arnas and Kamile, here is a little more info!


Arnas Jasiunas is one of the top dancers of the thriving Lithuanian Lindy Hop scene. His original approach to dance will add to the knowledge of a dancer of any level. Arnas ideas are based on concepts of body movement and rhythms. Also, long training in music makes his dancing a creative musical experience.


Kamile is a real treat in Vilnius Lindy Hop community, keeping it swingin’ since 2003. Whilst mainly focusing on the social side of Lindy, she has travelled many places in Europe teaching and spreading love for dancing. Her studies in body and movement awareness bring concepts of movement and following to a whole new level and is a base for her teaching. A knowledgeable approach coupled with an honest, joyful perspective of life is attractive for students. Positive experience guaranteed!


Live band – The Duke Box

Live band – The Old Fish Jazz Band


Old Fish Jazz Band is an international band of buddies, that shares a passion for old time stompy jazz.