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Spring 2018 semester

Period: 12 classes from January 30th to May 10th, 2018


Registrations are closed for spring semester

Course schedule

TIME Tuesday wednesday Time Thursday
19:00 – 20:00 Count Basie
Lindy Hop
Arti Shaw
Lindy Hop
20:00 – 21:00 Hal and Betty Takier
20:05 – 21:05 Al minns
Authentic Jazz
Lindy Hop
21:05 – 22:05 Couple Blues
21:10 – 22:10 Jimmie Lunceford
Lindy Hop
Benny Goodman
Lindy Hop
All classes will be held at Altrimenti

* All classes on January 30th will be held in Odeon. All other courses will be held at Altrimenti. 

Course Descriptions

Swing Dance Luxembourg wants to put equality and sense of community first. Comfort and skills in dancing cannot be easily classified, and we believe that most of the time they shouldn’t. We strongly believe in learning together, and in the ability of everyone to take home something from every class.

Based on the survey’s results from last semester, we have created a schedule that moves away from levels, however in order to help you find the most suitable class, we’ve created some nuances based on your learning preferences. Please look at the description below that fits best with your learning preference so you can be comfortable within your class.

Beginners Lindy Hop:

This is the class for you if you have never danced swing before or if you have done some dancing, attended our tasters or wish to repeat the basics before moving forward.

Count Basie:

This is a Lindy Hop class. This is the class for you if you took a beginner course and you feel ready to expand your vocabulary and build on your basics. We will work on the basics and take them one step further; the teachers will guide you and pay attention to create a solid base with some extra flavor.

Benny Goodman:

This is a Lindy Hop class open to anybody who has been dancing regularly for a while. The teaching pace of this class will be more relaxed: the material broken down more granularly and the vocabulary will be diluted over the course of the weeks. This is the class for you if you are looking for a “smoother and more relaxed” learning path. You want to be challenged but you need a step-by-step approach.

Artie Shaw & Jimmie Lunceford:

These are Lindy Hop classes open to anybody who has been dancing regularly for a while. The teaching pace of these classes will be more intense; classes will be faster and richer in material. These are the classes for you if you are looking for a stronger push and a more challenging learning path. You learn better when you are pushed out of your comfort zone.

There are no differences between these two classes. Only the day and time when they take place.

Al Minns Authentic Jazz:

Solo Jazz is a powerful tool to become a better Lindy Hopper. This is the class for you if you are looking at a not partnered way of jazz dancing.

Hal & Betty Takier:

This is a Balboa class. This is the class for you if you have already taken Balboa classes, your basics are solid and you are ready to improve your vocabulary.

Couple Blues:

For first time in Swing Dance Luxembourg we offer you a couple blues class that is open to all levels.


We’ve carefully prepared some frequently asked questions and their answer, please see refer to them to see if they answer your initial questions!


This semester you will again have the chance to learn from a visiting teacher Alexandros Marinis  from Greece who will be staying with us in Luxembourg for the entire semester! You might know him from the annual event Lindy Explosion in Saarbrucken.  Alexandros will be assisted by local teachers Martina, Ieva, Freya and Ceren.

Please refer to our teacher information page for all of the details!

Course Calendar

Please subscribe to our google calendar to upload the dates below into your own agenda. We promise that you will be happy you did!
Note: There will be no classes on 12-18 February: Half Term Break (Carnival) and  2–13 April (Easter Break)

Count Basie – Lindy Hop 30 6, 20, 27 6, 13, 20, 27 17, 24 1, 8
Al Minns Authentic Jazz 30 6, 20, 27 6, 13, 20, 27 17, 24 1, 8
Jimmie Lunceford – Lindy hop 30 6, 20, 27 6, 13, 20, 27 17, 24  1, 8
Arti Shaw – Lindy hop 31 7, 21, 28 7, 14, 21, 28 18, 25 2, 9
Beginner Lindy Hop 31 7, 21, 28 7, 14, 21, 28 18, 25 2, 9
Benny Goodman – Lindyhop 31 7, 21, 28 7, 14, 21, 28 18, 25 2, 9
Hal and Betty Takier – Balboa 1, 8, 22 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 19, 26 3, 10
Couple Blues 1, 8, 22 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 19, 26 3, 10


Course fees:

IMPORTANT: Fees listed are for the whole semester from January to May 2018 (12 classes)! It is not possible to purchase single classes.


1st course: 150 € per person.
2nd courses: 120 € per person.
3rd or more courses: 90 € per person.

  • Course fees are for one course period (January – May 2018); a course period consists of 12 classes.
  • In case Swing Dance Luxembourg decides to cancel classes you will receive a full refund of your payment for the cancelled lessons. We do not refund payments for classes in case of force majeure, nor in case you cannot attend due to reasons other than the one described above.
  • We don’t offer trial classes. If you’re curious to get an idea what the course is like, please join one of our free taster classes, or join us during our social dancing.

Cancellation Policy:
The success of our classes depends on you, our wonderful students, showing up for the course(s) you register in! Therefore we have some rules:

  1. Full refund with a 5 euro administration fee will be possible up until January 18, 2018.
  2. No refund is available for any cancellations made after January 18, 2018.

Transfer Policy:
Successful registration for courses acts like a ticket, and is transferrable to another student according to these rules:

  1. The new student is the correct level and dancing role (lead/follow).
  2. The financial aspects of this transfer must be conducted privately between the two individuals.
  3. The original ticket holder must inform Swing Dance Luxembourg (SDL) of the transfer.
  4. The communication of this transfer to SDL must take place no later than 1 week (January 24th, 2018) before the event start.

Indoor shoes required!

Please note that non-marking indoor shoes are required. The classroom‘s floor is excellent for dancing, but also delicate. As such, we cannot allow outdoor shoes, high heels, shoes leaving marks, etc.

non-marking: the soles of your shoes do not leave marks when dragged over a wooden floor.
indoor: the shoes are only worn indoors and never outdoors.

Dancing and physical fitness

Dancing is a physical activity and the association, teachers and staff assume no liability for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to, personal property. If you have any doubts as to your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating. Enjoy and dance at your own risk.