Spring 2019 Teachers

This semester we will again be lucky enough to have an invitational professional teacher. Remember Alexandros Marinis from Greece? He’s coming back and he will be teaching all classes! 

Alexandros Marinis (Greece) – Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues and Authentic Jazz

He will be assisted by Local teachers: Martina, Stella, Freya, Ceren, Natalija and Ieva.

A little bit more about our teachers…

Alex Marinis has been dancing ballroom and Greek folk dances since his young years and took several seminars in the field of dancing. He is a founding member of Lindy Hop Greece and the one who spread the dance throughout his home country. People might know him as the organiser of Swing ‘n’ Swim, Swing In Crete and other Swing Festivals in Greece. Starting off as a student of a swiss lindyhopper who moved to Greece, he went on taking classes with highly recognised teachers from all around the world and eventually become a choreographer and dance-teacher in Thessaloniki. Since then, he has been teaching with his partner Christina Loukaki or with other dancers, all around the world in festivals, workshops or as a guest teacher. His work has been featured in different venues in Greece and on CNN! An amazing moment in his life was when Lindy Hop Greece was invited by Count Basie Orchestra to dance with them at the Megaron Concert Hall in Thessaloniki, Greece or when Norma Miller and Dawn Hampton came to Greece after his invitation.
He has studied in Thessaloniki, London, Netherlands, Munich, São Paulo different things from French Language (BA), Art Direction, Personal Development/Life Coach and Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement™. He cooperated with different artists and worked with groups of adults, kids, youngsters, and people with disabilities around Europe.
He is a Certified Rolfer™ and a Rolf Movement Practitioner™ now he is combining Lindy Hop and Structural Integration as a teacher and a bodyworker. Along with Christina they created a method of Lindy Hop Teachers Training that follows the knowledge and the values of all their experiences in combination of the Spirit of Lindy Hop. He loves to express himself through Swing music and to make his dance partners laugh and smile! Believing that this is the spirit and the social aspect of Lindy Hop. There is nothing that makes Alex happier than spreading the #lindylove for Swing dancing with other Lindy Hoppers. www.lindyhop.gr