Winter Afro Swing Sessions with Carlos and Samito


We are delighted to present you our


with Carlos Machava & Samito Tembe

Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th February 2024

While winter is going on outside, Carlos and Samito will make us dance to the hottest rhythms in Altrimenti! Join us for a full weekend of Afro Swing and Traditional Mozambican Dance! 


We have designed different options for you. Please read the descriptions carefully and choose your classes according to your dancing level and your schedule!


Registrations are closed.


Afro Swing (Solo)

We have four levels for you! Please read the descriptions carefully and select your group!

Absolute Beginner Class (1h15)

No experience required! You have never taken any dance class with us or you are just now starting your Lindy Hop/Solo jazz journey in the Spring 2024 Semester. Then join this class to get a first glance of Afro Swing!

This class, of 1h15, will take place on Saturday, from 16h to 17h15. To get the full experience, don’t hesitate to combine it with the open level Traditional Mozambican Dance class (see below) taking place right before!

Beginner+ Class (1h15)

You have been dancing (Lindy Hop or Solo Jazz) for at least one semester. You are curious to get new ideas and influences. Discover Afro Swing in this class!

This class, of 1h15, will take place on Sunday, from 16h to 17h15. For the full experience, combine it with the open level Traditional Mozambican Dance class (see below) taking place right before!

Intermediate small track (2h30)

You have been dancing with us for at least 3 semesters. You have some solo jazz experience and a good basic vocabulary of steps such as Apple Jacks, Suzie Q, Tacky Annie, Stomps, Boogie back, Boogie forward, Shorty George. You know some Charleston. Then join this small track!

Start your weekend with this small track of 2h30 on Saturday morning, from 10h30 to 13h15. After lunch break, or on Sunday, you might add the Traditional Mozambican Dance class (see below)!

Advanced small track (2h30)

You have been dancing for countless years. You have a broad solo jazz vocabulary and have already memorized some complex routines. You can learn at a fast pace.  Challenge yourself in this small but intensive Afro Swing track!

This energetic small track of 2h30 will take place on Sunday morning, from 10h30 to 13h15! After lunch break, or the day before, you might add the Traditional Mozambican Dance class!


Traditional Mozambican Dance

Dances of the Swing Era are strongly rooted in African dances. Carlos and Samito will take you on a discovery of traditional Mozambican Dance. Be ready to move to the drums and to sweat! These classes are open level classes.

Please note that we organise two 1h15 classes of Traditional Mozambican Dance. Pick one or take both, you will not regret 🙂 And think about combining these classes with one of the Afro Swing classes or small tracks!

Traditional Mozambican Dance 1 – Saturday

Traditional Mozambican Dance 2 – Sunday 

Saturday Party with live music

Saturday night will be filled with live music from the HOT Guys Stompers. They come from Nancy to make us dance like crazy until our burning feet can carry us no more !

Party starts at 20:30 on Saturday in Altrimenti.


After the classes on Sunday join Carlos Machava and Samito Tembe at 17:30 in Altrimenti for a cultural talk on Mozambican dance, rhythm, jazz, and swing! 🎶

Prices and Registrations

For this event, we calculate our price by amount of 1h15 class(es) that you take:

Take 1 class of 1h15 = 25 €

This is your price if you sign up for Afro Swing Beginner; or for Afro Swing Beginner +; or for Traditional Mozambican Dance 1 or 2.

Take 2 classes or a small track of 2h30 = 45€

This is your price if you sign up for one of the following combinations: Afro Swing Intermediate small track; or Afro Swing Advanced small track; or Afro Swing Beginner and traditional dance; or Afro Swing Beginner+ and traditional dance; or 2 traditional dance classes.

For any additional class: 15€ (3 classes: 60€, 4 classes: 75€)

Saturday party with live music: 20€ (15€ for workshop participants)

Swing Dance Luxembourg’s terms & conditions apply to the registration.

Registrations are closed.


Tracks overview


All classes will take place in Altrimenti. See you in Salle Rheinsheim, which is the main room where we usually dance in Altrimenti.

ℹ️ We’re lucky that the rooms in Altrimenti have a proper and good wooden floor. In order to protect that floor, indoor shoes are required for all dancers! Please make sure to wear shoes that do not leave marks on the floor.



Carlos Machava

A professional dancer from Mozambique, Carlos has danced with the National Ballet of Mozambique, the Companhia Nacional de Dança e Canto, and with the Hodi Maputo Afro-Swing company. Currently, he dances and teaches traditional dances from Mozambique and swing and afro-swing  solos jazz dances in Geneva, Europe and at international festivals.

When Carlos discovered swing dances, he immediately loved these Afro-American dances which mix African and European origins to express all the richness of jazz music. He likes to bring roots jazz back to its roots, mixing it with traditional dances from Mozambique.

For Carlos, dance is the expression of music and its moving rhythms and it is all this energy that he transmits on stage and in his classes.

Samito Tembe

Virtuoso percussionist SamitoTembe was born in Maputo, Mozambique. His career on the world stage comprises solo performances, and participation in musical directing with the Mozambican traditional dances where he was trained first as a dancer and rapidly, given his talent and inclination, trained and recruited as a musician.

On arriving in Maputo/Mozambique music scene in 2000, SamitoTembe discovered new types traditional and occidental percussions. It was then that he offered the world a different, very personal, voice, developing a profoundly original rhythmic vocabulary of his own. Tembe creates stunning coherence resorting to a wealth of instruments.

Both on stage and in recordings, SamitoTembe has and continues to collaborate with ”The Great”, including Chico António, Banda Kakana, Ghorwane, Roberto Chitsondzo, Wazimbo, Ras Haitrm, Gran Mah, Jimmy Dludlu, Azagaia, Salimo Mohamad, Roberto Isaias, Valdimiro José, Lizha James, Dua 2Caras, G2, Julia Duarte, Stewart Sukuma, Elvira Viegas, Omar Issá, Orquestra Xiquitsi, Majescoral, Pacha.