Level description

Lindy Hop classWe offer two courses of Lindy Hop and one course of Authentic Jazz:

  1. Lindy Hop 1 (for absolute beginners)
  2. Lindy Hop 2
  3. Authentic Jazz
  1. Lindy Hop 1.
    Description: This level is aimed at absolute beginners. The goal of the course is to introduce Lindy Hop, the basic steps and figures, and basic leading/following skills. This includes 6-count basic, 8-count basic, Charleston basic, as well as the basic 6- and 8-count figures (send out, tuck turn, swing out, …).
    Result: After completing this level, you know the basics and basic figures of swing dancing, including send out, send in, tuck turn, switch places, charleston, he goes, she goes, swing out. You’re ready to take your first steps on the social dance floor.
    Teachers: This course is taught by Ingrida & Sjouke.

  1. Lindy Hop 2.
    Description: In this course, we will build upon and extend what you learned in Lindy 1. You will learn the more complex figures and variations that you’ve been waiting to learn, including hand-to-hand charleston, tandem charleston, Texas Tommy, etc. In addition, we will focus on how to dance together as a couple: how to lead, how to follow, the role of stretch/compress, what a frame is good for in the dance.
    Result: After successfully completing this level, you feel comfortable dancing with a partner and not just next to a partner. You’ll be able to dance comfortably on the social dance floor to slow and mid-tempo swing music.
    Having successfully completed this level, you’re ready to attend dancing workshops outside Luxembourg.
    Teachers: This course is taught by Martina & Roumani.

  1. Authentic Jazz.
    Description: Note that this class is aimed for students with some Lindy Hop experience already. Authentic Jazz is a solo dance course so you don’t need a partner to register. This dance is based on the jazz music from the swing era of the 20s, 30s and 40s. It is a lot of fun, and very expressive – you can let loose without worrying about a partner! It is also great for your partnered dancing as it improves rhythm, musicality, styling and understanding of jazz structure. In the first half of this course we will focus more on Charleston moves, including 20s Charleston, so it will not be a repetition from the previous course. We will also go through some of the basic authentic jazz moves, like fall of the log, boogie back or Suzie Q, which we will combine into classic or new routines. You will also learn how to improvise with those steps and be able to use them in social dancing.
    Result: Having followed this course you will know the basic repertoire of classic solo jazz moves which you can use in your solo and partner dancing.
    Teachers: This course is taught by Ieva.