Safe environment

Safe Environment


We believe in creating an environment where people in the swing dance community can learn, dance, grow and feel safe. We want to offer you a safe space! 


Safe space means…


… a space where everyone is welcome. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination nor harassment on the basis of sex, gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability or any other ground.


… a space where we can explore, learn, practice, try new things, fail and try again, express ourselves freely and without fear. We’re not here to judge each other, to show off or to compete, but to grow together as dancers and as a community. We support each other.


… a space where we share dances with everyone and grow together. Every dancer is free to invite any other dancer to dance, be that a more advanced dancer, a teacher, a newcomer. At the same time, it is ok to say no to a dance, without giving explanations. Please be respectful should you decline an invitation to dance.


… a space where we’re physically safe. We pay attention to not harming our dance partners and to treat them gently. We care to protect other dancers on the dance floor. We do not do any aerials, big kicks or huge moves in a social dance context and adapt our dancing to the space we have. Yet, we know that accidents can happen: please apologize and make sure the other person is doing alright. If a partner dance turns out to cause you physical pain, please share this gently with your partner and feel free to stop a dance. You might also want to inform your teachers so that they can adapt their class material in order to address this topic.


… a space where inappropriate physical contacts are not tolerated. In case of accidental, unintentional inappropriate contact, please apologize. In case you experience repeated inappropriate touching and/or comments from a dancer, we encourage you to talk about it with that person and/or to inform the organizers of the scene so that they can approach that person and take the necessary actions.


… a space where we follow basic hygiene measures: when sick, we do not come to class/social dancing/special events in order to avoid spreading the sickness. We make sure to have freshly washed extra t-shirts to change ourselves in the course of classes and other events. We avoid t-shirt fabrics that pick up strong odors. We use deodorant, as well as chewing gum where necessary. Please use the bathroom to change and don’t undress yourself in the classroom.


Thanks for respecting these safe space guidelines ❤️