Our upcoming classes, events and workshops

Remember, you can add this Calendar to your own calendar application! Don’t know how? See below.

Swing dance events by others

This is a selection of Swing Dance events from dancing scenes near Luxembourg and larger events that some of our club are planning to attend.

Adding calendars to personal calendar applications:

If you don’t know how to do add these to your own calendar application, here is a start that might help. We don’t have the capacity to provide IT help to everyone, so if this doesn’t get you there, please try to find a friend who can help you.

  • Click +google calendar on the bottom right hand corner of the calendar window above, this will take you to google calendar.
  • In google calendar, find the Swing Dance Luxembourg calendar in the list of calendars, under the heading “Other calendars”.
  • Hold mouse over the calendar name to have a down arrow appear, click this down arrow and select calendar settings
  • In the settings you will find a category called Calendar address, with a selection of XML, ICAL, or HTML
  • Find the instructions of your calendar application on how to subscribe to calendars
  • These will tell you which of the XML, ICAL, or HTML buttons to click, and then how to subscribe to it inside your calendar application.
  • IMPORTANT: When setting up the calendar in your application, choose to update at least every day, as sometimes we change our event details last minute!