Social dancing & taster classes

Social Dancing


Keep an eye on our newsletter or Facebook page to know when the next social dance will take place.

Indoor dancing

We have social dance evenings roughly every week on Mondays from 19.30 until 23.00. The dance evenings are open to all and free for all participants.

Before social dancing we usually offer taster classes that are suited for absolute beginners (no dancing experience required). Keep an eye on our newsletter or Facebook page to know when the next one will be!

The taster classes are meant to show you what the dances we offer looks like and what spirit is behind it and its music. The methodology and style of teaching as well as the specific content is a reflection of the personal preferences and knowledge of the teachers giving the taster and might be different from the ones of the teachers giving the weekly classes.


Outdoor dancing

In the summer we organize outdoor social dancing near the Philharmonie. Exact day and time will be announced a few days in advance on this site, via our facebook page and/or via our newsletter. Feel free to bring drinks and/or snacks to the outdoor dancing events.