A Conversation about Social Dancing

What is Social Dancing ?

We love to dance, obviously, but the music we like is not popular anymore so we organize our own opportunities to dance. The idea is to meet somewhere that lets us play our music and enjoy this dance we spend so much time learning! Everyone is welcome, and we even have weekly beginners tasters for those who want to figure out what this Lindy Hop thing is all about (more about that below).

Indoor social dancing

From September to May, come and join us at Scott’s Pub every Monday from 19:45 to 23:00. Beginner tasters take place every week, from 19:45 to 20:30.

Outdoor social dancing

From June to August, and when the weather permits it, we meet up to dance outdoors. We tend to announce these events last minute as they depend on the weather, so if you are interested in attending we recommend you sign up to our newsletter or joining our facebook group where we post the events.

As always, please see our Agenda to verify all dates and locations, as we will sometimes try out new locations!

Is it Free?

Yes! We are pleased we can do this at no charge, which means there are no excuses for not showing up!

Beginners Tasters

These are a great way to try Lindy Hop for the first time, hence the name taster. We focus on the basic steps and some easy movements to try to get you dancing that night! If you are thinking about taking classes with us, this is a great way to figure out if you like it.

Who will I dance with? I am nervous about asking other people to dance…

Everyone is at first, especially when you don’t know anyone very well. We try to keep an inclusive and friendly atmosphere at our events, so if you can step out of your comfort zone and ask someone, we would hope they say yes. If not, don’t let it phase you, maybe they are really tired. Go forth and ask someone else!

In the event you can’t pluck up the courage to ask for a dance, hopefully someone will come and ask you to dance, but in the meantime just relax and meet some new people. It is called social dancing for a reason! (The chatting aspect is a big part of it.)

Do Guys ask Girls, do Girls ask Guys? I’m so confused!

A big part of Swing Dance culture around the world is a effort towards gender neutrality. This is reflected in many ways, one of which is that everyone asks anyone to dance. So it doesn’t matter your gender, you have the power to ask!

Are there any best practices to follow?

  1. You will be dancing with another person most likely, so therefore taking the appropriate personal hygiene steps is always good idea. Some people choose to bring an extra shirt to use during or after the evening.
  2. We request that you do not do any aerial moves on the social dance floor, as these can pose significant risk not only to you and your partner, but the other people on the dance floor.
  3. Watch out for your partner, you can see things they can’t, so try to make sure they don’t run into other people or objects.
  4. Critique can be a sensitive issue, so we recommend that you refrain from giving your partner critique before asking them if they are open to it.
  5. The above statement does not apply if someone is doing something that hurts you or makes you uncomfortable.  This is supposed to be fun! So be sure to kindly discuss the issue with them. If the problem makes you uncomfortable to discuss with them, please feel free to find a member our a.s.b.l.’s board and ask for help. We are a supportive group and want to make sure everyone is at ease.
  6. If someone lets you know that you are doing something that either hurts them or makes them uncomfortable please respond kindly to them and stop doing the action that they have an issue with. Everyone has different perceptions and boundaries. Please help us to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.
  7. Most importantly relax and have fun!