Active members

Our association is run by a group of enthusiastic swing dancers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute and become an active member yourself!

The people behind the club are (in alphabetical order):

Anton, Boris, Calliope, Christina, Cressida, Danielle, Danuta, Davy, Enrico, Freya, Gema, Geraldine, Ieva, Ildiko, Ilias, Ingrida, Isabelle, Jana, Katerina, Kyra, Lydia, Mislav, Miso, Sjouke, Stella, Valentina, Vassia and Živa.

Below, some of them have shared a bit about themselves.


Picture of Cressida Swing dancing is my personal therapy – nothing else I have ever tried in life is so effective in helping me to let go and simply enjoy the moment. It makes me a happy person.
Try it out and be ready for that sudden smile on your face…
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Picture of Ieva I discovered Lindy Hop back in 2004 in Lithuania and it has been my main hobby and passion since then. I love Lindy Hop because it’s such a joyful dance. It makes me smile, it makes me feel happy and when I put on my dance shoes and get on the dance floor it seems like all the daily problems have disappeared. And of course I love swing music which is so closely connected to the dance. I also dance Balboa and Authentic Jazz and would like to learn Tap dancing. Because of Lindy Hop I met so many nice people all over Europe and made great friends here in Luxembourg. I am one of the founders of the Lindy Hop scene in Luxembourg and it’s been such a great experience to share this joy of dancing with other people.
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photo of Lydia Despite getting off to an inauspicious start by being thrown out of my ballet class aged 5, I have always loved dancing, music and rhythm and have made up for that early glitch, learning jazz dance, tap, flamenco, line dancing and belly dancing in my past life. When I moved to Luxembourg I went to salsa classes from the start and do still enjoy it. Then in 2009 I saw an advert for Einar and Ieva’s lindy hop classes, went along with curiosity and interest and never looked back. The swing dance scene is welcoming, forward-looking and, most importantly, fun! Thanks to the regular workshops organised I have been introduced to blues dancing, which I also love. I particularly appreciate the fact that the social dancing is very inclusive, everyone asks and dances with everyone else, with none of the elitism often found in other kinds of dancing. Hope to see you at the dance floor!
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photo of Miso Let’s dance! Swing is fun, exciting and a great workout! People are friendly, warm and funny. We’re like a big family. If you know somebody in any city dancing swing, you already have friends there.
The whole experience is just one great party. I started dancing it in the beginning of 2013 and fell in love with it immediately. I even cancelled out some other hobbies to make some more time for dancing it.
I haven’t been dancing at all for 20 years and now I wonder why it didn’t occur to me to start earlier.
Try it out, you won’t regret it, believe me!
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photo of Sjouke Over the past 30 years I’ve learned a variety of dances, ranging from pogo to salsa. It’s only relatively recently (2009) that I discovered the Lindy Hop, which soon became my favourite dance. Not only because it’s such a fun dance, but also because the Lindy Hop scene is so open and internationally oriented with very friendly and open-minded people. Because I’ve danced various other dances, my dancing is a melting pot and you’ll find me frequently mixing up dancing styles, adding some salsa into my swing outs and pogo to my Charleston. To me, Lindy Hop is all about enjoying the dance together, by trying to move as one single body, but also by playing the game of surprising each other with unexpected moves, breaks and improvisations. I love it when my partner ends the dance with a big smile!
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Honorary members

In recognition of their extensive contribution to the development of the Lindy Hop scene in Luxembourg, the association has honoured Simon BrainEinar Örn Arnarsson and Hugo Jonker by granting them an honorary membership.

Below you can find out a bit more about them.


Picture of Einar Before discovering the awesome world of swing music, I got into couple dancing in 2004 to temporarily become a salsa addict, later went into Argentine Tango, before I started dancing Lindy Hop in 2008 and immediately felt home. The same year I founded the Luxembourg scene together with Ieva by giving weekly classes, later offering social dancing and parties and by organising workshops. I’m also a keen Balboista and Blues dancer and love travelling to dance events all over the world. Dancing brings out the best in people, it’s just such a great way to have fun, to be creative and to meet others across all cultures. Blues, Jazz and Swing are a melting pot from african and european Influences, nowadays they have become universal and can even help to unite mankind; I truly believe that if we all try to carry the same enthusiasm and spirit as the pioneers such as George Snowden, Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Al Minns, Leon James and many others, then our dancing can contribute to make this World a better place!
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Picture of Hugo In 2010 I started taking Lindy Hop classes here. The music, the atmosphere, the dance, and the people: it’s all so much more easy-going and friendly than I had seen in other dances! You just cannot listen to swing music and not bop your head to the beat. Well, I can’t, at least. Even better than that is the atmosphere – whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, everyone likes dancing with you! I loved this so much, I’m now trying to share the joy of Lindy Hop. So you can see me teaching the occasional taster class, or regular class – and definitely on or near the social dance floor. If you find me there, let’s dance!
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