Do you have a question about our classes, events or about swing dancing in general? Please see below our Frequently Asked Questions!

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Q: What is the teaching language at your courses / workshops?

A: As both teachers and students have a wide variety of nationalities, all our classes are taught in English.


Q: When does the next course semester start?

A: Courses are an important element for our association to inspire people to learn and improve their swing dancing. We offer courses in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and other swing dances as Blues and Collegiate Shag. Beginner courses are part of each new semester.

We offer 2 semesters of courses per year, that are taught by either local or residential teachers:

  • Spring semester from February to May
  • Fall semester from September to December

Keep an eye on our newsletter or Facebook page to know when we will restart.


Q: Can I join a course when a semester has already started?

A: Unfortunately it is not possible to join a course once the classes have already started. In case you missed the start of a semester, you can always come to social dance and learn on the social dance floor, or you can join one of our one-day or weekend workshops we offer apart from the courses that may have a track open to beginners. Follow the calendar or our Facebook page to know what is coming up.


Q: Do I need to register with a partner for a couple dance class, for example Lindy Hop or Shag?

A: It is possible to register without a partner through our registration system. As we are currently moving towards an everyone leads and everyone follows approach (ELEF) in our Lindy Hop classes, you will not be asked to register as a leader or a follower. No partner is required 🙂

This new approach does not (yet) apply to other couple dance classes. For those classes, it is still possible to register without a partner through our registration system, either as single leader or single follower. However, we do need to maintain a good balance between leaders and followers, and as such we can only allow a few extra followers per class. As we usually have very big waiting lists for single followers (aka followers who register without a partner), we advise single followers to try to register together with a leader, or otherwise register as soon as registration opens, to have more chances at getting a spot, or to consider registering as a leader.


Q: Before registering for weekly classes, can I attend one class to see if I like it? 

A: We don’t offer trial classes, however we have frequent taster classes suited for absolute beginners before social dancing on Mondays or before a party at one of our bigger weekend workshops. Keep an eye on our newsletter or Facebook page to know when the next one will be!

The taster classes are meant to show you what the dances we offer looks like and what spirit is behind it and its music. The methodology and style of teaching as well as the specific content is a reflection of the personal preferences and knowledge of the teachers giving the taster and might be different from the ones of the teachers giving the weekly classes.


Q: If I register for a class and realize it is not the correct level for me, can I change? 

A: You can transfer to a different class, but you need to inform the Swing Dance Luxembourg team so that we can make the necessary changes and confirm if there is a spot in the class you want to be transferred to. Changes are subject to spots availability. You need to decide within 3 weeks from course start. After the first 3 classes, no changes will be possible. No refund will be given if you choose not to continue attending the classes.


Q: I never danced before; I have two left feet. Is swing dancing for me?

A: We’ve all started there. There’s nothing to worry about, the beginner levels are specifically designed for people who haven’t danced before.


Q: I’m an experienced salsa/tango/street dance/jazz ballet/ballroom/belly/… dancer. At which level should I start?

A: We recommend you start at the beginners’ level. You’re likely to pick things up quicker, but you still need to learn the basics to get the right Lindy Hop basics. Please see here more information about our courses.


Q: Can children join the dance classes?

A: All our courses are aimed at an adult audience. We currently do not offer classes adapted for children.


Q: What happens if I miss a class?

A: The course is thought as a package and not as individual “chapters” so we encourage you to attend as often as possible. Having said this, if you miss a class you can always ask the teacher for some hints or get in touch with your course friends and catch up. Your learning will not be impaired. No refund is given for missed classes. You cannot substitute one missed class with any other class you have not registered for.


Q: What clothes should I wear?

A: We recommend anything comfortable that you can move around in. We would also suggest wearing layers as dancing can be a quite intense physical activity. We suggest bringing a towel and even some extra shirts. Most people come straight from work and do not bother changing. As long as you are comfortable and can move freely, that is fine.


Q: What kind of shoes should I wear?

A: We kindly ask you to wear non-marking and clean indoor shoes. Please do not wear shoes that may damage the sensitive wooden floors we usually dance on. Pumps or stiletto heels are not allowed and are not suited for swing dancing. Special dance shoes are not required to take classes, but in general the slicker your soles are, the better. For more info, please have a look at this very helpful guide from SwingDance.LA.


Q: Am I a follower or a leader?

A: A “leader” is the one that initiates the figure, and a “follower” is the one that follows that figure. The distinction of the roles is not gender-based but rather role-based. If you lead, you will “initiate” the moves and if you follow, you will follow them. However, followers also play an active role in Lindy Hop and contribute to making this dance so special! In Lindy Hop it’s not uncommon for gentlemen to dance as ”follower”, or for ladies to dance as ”leader”. This switching of roles gives a whole new perspective of the dance and is part of the free spirit promoted within Lindy Hop. Therefore we decided to move towards an „everyone leads and everyone follows“ approach (ELEF) in our Lindy Hop classes!


Q: Do you rotate dance partners during class?

A: As is common with swing dance courses, we rotate dance partners frequently during classes. This helps both leader and follower learn faster, as they are both exposed to different dancers with varying strengths and weaknesses. We won’t force you to change partners, however we strongly encourage it as we feel this helps your progression in dancing massively and prepares you for social dance events.


Q: Is there a dancing etiquette?

A: One etiquette? There are as many etiquette’s as there are dancers. However, here are some generally accepted rules:

  • Ensure a fresh breath – e.g. brush teeth before dancing or bring mints.
  • Bring a fresh shirt to workshops – after an hour or two of dancing, it likely is rather sweaty, and any dancing partner will appreciate a change of clothes.
  • Watch out for your partner and other people on the dance floor! Help your leader / follower to avoid collisions that your partner can’t see coming. Here you can find interesting info on Floor craft for lindy dancers!
  • Treat your partner, and all other dancers, with respect. We do not accept any discrimination or inappropriate behaviour of any other kind in our scene.


Q: How can I pay for courses / workshops / party entrances? 

A: We prefer payments by bank transfer for all courses / workshops that have a prior registration. The payment details will be sent to you by email once your spot is confirmed. In case you have had a last-minute confirmation, we also accept cash payment. At the entrance of individual big workshop parties, you can pay only in cash, please bring the exact amount as we might not always have the change. At this point, we cannot accept debit/credit cards at the party entrance.


Q: Do you offer private classes, a crash course for my wedding dance?

A: We’re interested in helping you out, if we can! Please contact us to discuss the options.


Q: Can you give a dance show and/or taster class at my event?

A: We like sharing the fun of swing dancing (that’s why we started the club). Of course, it depends on details (when, where, etc.), so please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Q: I want to report a broken link or other problem with your website.

A: We appreciate your help, so please contact us to report problems or suggestions for improvement.


Q: I can’t read your newsletter.

A: In case it is a technical problem, please send us the details of the problem and we’ll try to improve the next issue. If possible, include information such as the operating system (e.g. Windows, Android, Linux, …) and your e-mail client (e.g. Thunderbird, Evolution, …).