Visiting Teachers

This semester you will again have a chance to learn from visiting teachers who will be staying with us in Luxembourg for several weeks!

Martynas Balčiūnas (LT) & Lee Meidan (IL) – Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz

Claire Chen (DE) & Joe Pace (US) – Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz

A little about our visiting teachers…

Martynas Balčiūnas started dancing and teaching at the very beginning of the Lindy Hop scene in Vilnius, Lithuania about 12 years ago. Is a founding member of Club, and founder and organizer of the Harlem festival. He has been teaching Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, Air-Steps, Movement Basics classes and creating choreographies ever since he started dancing.

Martynas loves inspiring dancers and “new” dancing scenes. One of his teachers and biggest inspirations was Frankie Manning himself. Now he is transmitting Frankie’s love and approach to the dance.

Martynas is analyzing partner dancing in terms of movement basics and dynamics while emphasizing the authenticity of the social aspect of the dance. He believes that the social aspect is the core of Lindy Hop, therefore all the technique that he teaches in the classes are aimed at enhancing creativity and improvisation while being connected with a partner on the dance floor. For Martynas the most valuable thing in Swing dance is improvisation, connection with a partner, musicality and rhythms, authenticity and a big smile while dancing.

Lee Meidan taught at the famous Lindy Shock festival in 2016. During her 3 years as a teacher in Dance Tel Aviv, she gave private and group lessons in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston and Solo Jazz, wrote choreographies and helped grow the swing scene of Tel Aviv.

Claire Chen started to dance Swing in Berlin 9 years ago. There were about 50 dancers in the city. She grew with the scene and loves swing dancing. She studied Arts Management and started to organise different kind of swing events. She went back to her home city Taipei and found people to build up a dance scene together, which is still growing now. Now she owns her Swing Dance School in Berlin. Claire wrote her diploma thesis about swing revival in Berlin and Potsdam and is one of the Swing-Revival-Expert in Germany. In the past two years, she came back to her beloved Arts Management and worked with -Lange Nacht der Museen Berlin-, -Grünen Salon-, National Theater in Weimar, -Swing up the backyard- and different organisations or agencies to spread this fun Swing culture. Do you want to know about her? Check out her wesbite:

Local Teachers

By day we each have our own jobs. Come evening, we go out and dance!  In the Spring 2017 semester, the following dancers are happy to volunteer to help you learn Swing Dancing:
Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Lindy Hop & Balboa
ingrida Ieva&Miso
Ingrida Ieva and Mišo
During the classes, you may also encounter one of our substitute teachers.