The Big Apple routine finds its origin in a dance game, where the dancers stand in a circle and perform solo jazz steps. As Catrine Ljunggren taught us, for the game, the specific steps don’t matter: anyone can invent their own Big Apple routine! Today Big Apple routine is mostly known as a choreographed routine which was originally performed by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the movie Keep Punching (see video).

The routine is danced to fast music – in the video, “Big Apple Contest” by the Solomon Douglas Swingtet, though it can be (and is) danced to other quick songs. The routine covers a lot of different jazz steps. As such, it’s a challenging routine to learn. Then again, once you know the routine, you’ve got a good grip on a lot of jazz steps.


  • Shouts – Half Break, lock Turn
  • Stomps – Slap bottom – left kick, right kick, left cross into
  • Hallelujah’s – Boogie Forwards (starting with left)
  • Boogie Back’s – Apple Jacks (facing in) – Apple Jacks (facing out)
  • Travelling kick-ball-change into Gaze-a-far
  • Susie Q – Rusty Dusty (out and partner) – Fall of the Log
  • Spank the Baby – Jump Charleston
  • Jump Charleston – transition step
  • Fish Tails – Boogie Front – Breeze Knees – Boogie Back – Ride the Pony
  • Knee Slap’s – Fall of the Log – Run Around – London Bridge
  • Clap Sequence – Break Step
  • Transition step – Kick forward Charleston
  • Trucking – Fall of the log – Hallelujha
  • Boogie Back – Shorty George
  • Flying Charleston – Knee Slap
  • Susie Q – Jump Charleston – Pecking
  • Boogie Back – Break Step – Break a Leg

Detailed online instructions

Lindy Hop Moves: Big Apple routine