Charleston Summer Series 2023

Charleston Summer Series – 2023


On top of our regular semestriel courses, we organize some special series. After our Advanced Solo Jazz Series, Spring 2023, we have decided to launch a Couple Charleston Summer Series!


Course description

Charleston is a big part of Lindy Hop and Jazz dancing in general! So let’s take time before the summer to explore Charleston couple dancing 🙂

3 series for 3 different levels! 3 nights per series, 6 hours in total per series. Take one class, one series, two series or – if you’re up for a very big challenge – take them all! We will build our Charleston skills from a beginner level to an advanced level. Please read the level descriptions below carefully. Classes are based on the ELEF approach: everybody leads, everybody follows.

These courses will run over the months of May, June and July on certain Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 20:00 to 22:00. Check the dates below and mark them in your agenda!


Beginner series

You have never learned the Charleston. You might have taken Lindy Hop classes, or not. This series is open to absolute beginners and we take it easy from scratch!

In this series, you will have the following three classes:

  1. Charleston basics: we will work on Charleston kicks and learn the couple Charleston basics. We will approach basic figures (such as basic Charleston and skip ups).
  2. Charleston 6 counts: in this class, we will approach a different footwork pattern that will allow us to dance the Charleston in open position and to add moves such as the tuck turn or the pass by.
  3. Hand to hand charleston: as by now we are familiar with the basics, we can approach more complex figures to spice up your Charleston!


Intermediate series

You have taken the beginner series or you have already done some Charleston. You are familiar and at ease with the basic 6 and 8 count charleston, as well as hand to hand charleston, in both roles as a leader and a follower. You can dance these moves comfortably to mid tempo.

In this series, you will have the following three classes:

  1. Airplane: learn and/or improve your airplane charleston. Fun entrances and exits are on the menu! 
  2. Tandem charleston: learn and/or improve your tandem charleston. Get in, enjoy the tandem and get out of it 🙂 
  3. Surprise content: let’s learn some variations of charleston basics!


Advanced series

You have taken the intermediate series and you are familiar with all the moves and patterns described in the beginner and intermediate series above. You can dance them comfortably to mid- to fast tempo songs, both as a leader and as a follower.

In this series, you will have the following three classes:

  1. Stops routine: in this class, we will work on a famous original Charleston routine, the stops!
  2. Charleston dynamics and variations: let’s practice dancing the charleston, varying our moves, dynamics and footwork patterns.
  3. Advanced figures: charleston swing out and more.



Eda & Freya, who are part of our inspirational local teacher team, will lead the Couple Charleston Summer Series 2023.

Did you know that all our local teachers are non professionals? 😲 Their passion for Swing inspires them to train and to work hard, to prepare your weekly courses by gathering material, breaking it down for you to learn it and choosing fine tunes for you. Their wish to share their joy of dancing takes them to commit to spending their weekly evenings with you for a full semester, after their day time jobs. 👏❤️



The couple charleston series will run occasionally on Mondays (only the very first class of the Beginner series), Tuesdays and Wednesdays (20:00-22:00) on the following dates:



The price for one series (6h) is 80€

The price for a combo of two series (12h) is 140€.

The price for all three series (18h) is 190€.

The price for a drop in class (2h) is 30€


Note that all classes will take place in Altrimenti. The majority of the classes will be held in Salle Rheinsheim, which is the main room where we usually dance in Altrimenti.

ℹ️ We’re lucky that the rooms in Altrimenti have a proper and good wooden floor. In order to protect that floor, indoor shoes are required for all dancers! Please make sure to wear shoes that do not leave marks on the floor.



Registrations are closed now as the series are sold out. If you want to joint a waiting list, please send us an e-mail to info[@] 

Swing Dance Luxembourg’s terms & conditions apply to the registration for any of our series.





Currently, no restrictions apply to the organization of our dance courses at this moment. However, in the event of new measures adopted before or within the course of the autumn and winter, we will have to adapt our rules in order to comply with any new legal rule. 

In any event, we still recommend to all students to adopt the following hygienic rules:

Please wash your hands before and after class. Washing your hands with soap and water is recommended over the use of hand sanitizer.
We recommend all students to bring their own water bottle to class. Sharing a bottle is not recommended.
It will be possible to change partner during class, however changing partner is not an obligation and it is up to your individual choice to remain with your fixed partner.
In case you feel ill or are coughing, we kindly ask you to be responsible, do a self test and not join the event.

These hygienic measures are in the interest of our students, teachers and public health. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding!