We’re actually not sure if this is a “real” routine, or just a really nice routine that Marjorie taught us in 2013. Either way, it’s fun, so it should be mentioned here!

Lover’s lane is a Charleston choreography danced to the song Lover’s Lane by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Here’s a video (can you spot Marjorie in there?) of what it looks like.


  • repeat twice:
    • 2 basic charlestons
    • 2 big kicks + down charlestons
  • singing starts; repeat starts here.
  • repeat twice:
    • Knee-slaps (right 2x; left 2x)
    • Knee-slaps (right 2x; left 2x)
    • hitchhike left: left touch + left thumb low – left step + left thumb low
    • hitchhike right: right touch + right thumb low – right step
    • 1/2 turn on first + clap clap (+kneeslap if repeating!)
  • “the sun is down, the moon is bright”
    • Flying charleston 4 times
  • (musical interlude)
    • Scare crow x2; itch x2
    • Scare crow x2; itch x2
    • basic charleston with 90 degree turn (repeat 3x)
    • paddle turn with arm in the air, end up facing inside
  • “well getting high on bourbon and champagne”
    • Repeat everything once from the knee slaps
  • “Well broadway really ain’t quite the same”)
    • Repeat everything from the knee slaps 1 time with 7 flying charlestons
    • 3 skates and hands down/on your butt/in the air
    • 3 skates around the world, final