Apart from courses and social dancing, we have started to organize swing practice sessions on Tuesday evenings in Altrimenti, called ‘swing floor’! Practice is a crucial part in terms of advancing in your dance experience and will help you feel more confident to dance with anyone at social dance. Please note that these practice sessions are intended for dancers of all experience levels because “practice makes perfect” 😉

We would like to introduce some ground rules for our practice sessions:

– Practice session is NOT social dance nor a class! We come to practice to work on the moves we learned in the previous classes or from dance videos that inspire us.

– Please come to practice session with specific ideas on what you want to work on. It can be moves (lindy hop and solo jazz), technique, leading/following and etc.

– There will be appropriate music of various tempos but for the sake of practice, it is perfectly fine to stop your dance and talk/figure out what has just happened. Essentially, this makes the difference between the social dance and the practice. The music will not stop, so you can continue whenever you want.

– We will have practice assistances for each session who can help you with any questions you may have, to the extent of their knowledge and experience. Do not hesitate to go up to them ask, talk, share anything in terms of lindy hop and solo jazz. However, please keep in mind that none of us are professionals but we love to share. Our practice assistants are there for you to give feedback if you want as communication is the key for a stable growth.

– It is also important and we highly encourage that you practice on your own or with anyone in the practice to figure out your own way.

– Don’t forget to have fun! Nobody will judge you in the Swing floor, because you are there to improve your dancing, like everyone else!

See you there!

Your Swing Dance Luxembourg asbl