We are delighted to present to you

a workshop with Mimmi and Fredrik


a swing dance party with Joe White and the Hot Seven Dwarfs!


Workshop: Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 November 2016
Party: Saturday 26 November 2016

at the Centre Convict
5, Avenue Marie-Therese
L-2132 Luxembourg

Read more information below and register for the workshop HERE
(registration will open on Sunday 13 November at 18.00)


20.00-21.00 Lindy Hop taster for absolute beginners

21.00-02.00 Party with Joe White and the Hot Seven Dwarfs

Entrance: 10 euro (free for workshop participants)


Swing Dance Workshop 26-27 November


10.00-12.00 – Track 1

13.30-15.30 – Track 2

16.00-18.00 – Track 3


13.00-15.00 – Solo Jazz

15.30-17.30 – Track 3

18.00 – 20.00 – Track 2


Track 1 – This level is not for absolute Lindy Hop beginners, but for those who have minimal Lindy Hop experience. You can join this level if you have been regularly attending our beginner course since September (or equivalent level abroad) or you have been irregularly attending beginner/intermediate course and do not have much social dancing experience. In the track you will work on consolidating your basics and adding simple variations.

Track 2 –  You have been taking classes and social dancing for about a year and you are probably regularly attending our beginner/intermediate or intermediate courses (or equivalent abroad). You have been introduced to terms like connection, musicality and improvisation. Solid Lindy Hop basics (swing out, lindy circle, Texas Tommy, side-by-side Charleston) are necessary. This level is about solidifying what you know, and improving your lead/follow skills, connection and, movement.

Track 3 – You have a couple of years of Lindy Hop experience, taken lots of classes, attended several workshops, and social dance frequently. You are probably attending our intermediate/advanced course (or equivalent abroad). You have a nice repertoire of moves and styling. You will learn new material to expand and improve your dictionary of moves and technique and will work on your musicality and improvisation skills.

Solo Jazz – this track is not for absolute beginners. To attend this track you should have taken solo jazz classes in the past or have taken the lindy beginner/intermediate and higher level. This is a solo dance class so you don’t need a partner to register. During the course, you will work on classical authentic jazz moves, musicality, improvisation and maybe a short choreo. It can be taken as a single track or you can combine it with Lindy Hop Track 2 or 3.

* If you are unsure about the level, please send us a message at info@swingdance.lu and we will help you.


Track 1 – 30 euro

Track 2 – 60 euro

Track 3 – 60 euro

Solo Jazz – 30 euro

Track 2 or 3 + Solo Jazz – 80 euro


Mimmi & Fredrik represent a young generation of Lindy Hoppers. They live in Stockholm, Sweden and are very active in the social dance scene. In 2012 they became members of the famous dance performance troupe Harlem Hot Shots. Between rehearsals and regular teaching at Chicago Swing dance Studio, they travel to perform and teach around the world, including Australia, US, Singapore, Mozambique and around Europe.

Fredrik & Mimmi are known for their authentic solo jazz movements. In their teaching they aim to keep and spread the style of the swing era. They bring much fun, energy and inspiration in their classes. They get inspired by the old movies and loves the raw style of the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers.